2017 YKAM Consulting

Christophe Nyindu Musongo

Co-founder, Managing Director and Principal Consultant of YKAM Consulting. Results-driven business consultant with over 20 years of experience overseeing operations, projects and business service.

During his career he held progressively mid-management and management positions with North American corporations in the Canadian Information and Communication Technologies sector for more than 18 years from 1994 to 2012.
In 2012 he co-founded YKAM Consulting for which the main goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses, in the Sub-Saharan African Market, grow and succeed.

Canadian citizen of Congolese descent, Christophe has lived and worked in Africa, Europe and North America.

Active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 2002, Christophe was educated in Canada, Belgium and Democratic Republic of Congo, and holds higher education qualifications in Finance Management, Business Management and Economics. He has also attended training and certification program in Information Science, Telecommunication Management & Technologies, Project Management and Sales. He is fluent in English, French and other African languages. He has conducted corporate training sessions, seminars and workshops in English and French.

With his broad range of business management expertises, Christophe can wear many hats:

Business Development Consultant: Christophe has consulted with Clients’ executives, board members and project managers for their companies’ expansion initiative that led to revenues increases while increasing profit margins by an average of 30%.
He also has experience orchestrating key business opportunities in South Saharan African for multinational companies. He has worked with Western corporations, African Government leaders and African businesses in facilitating international business investments.

Business Management Consultant: Christophe has consulted with over 100 diverse clients which include a $20 Billion asset management firm, publicly traded development and investment bank, Fortune 500 corporation, and number of small to medium sized businesses. Through these engagements Christophe has gained extensive experience directing multi-million business operations with full budget, financial, profit and loss responsibility. He has helped clients to solve problems, improve their performance and achieve their most ambitious goals.

Project Manager: Christophe, throughout the years, has developed, among other project manager skills, the expertise
needed to integrate and balance business goals with project goals; select and recruit the right project team; report and communicate effectively project progress; measure project success; and know when to start facilitating project closeout and commissioning activities once the project reaches the 75% completion milestone. He has managed medium and large scale
project for fortune 1000 companies with oversight for offshore and local teams of 50+ engineering, IT, finance, and client
support staff member.

Business Process Reengineering Consultant: Christophe has helped organizations to rethink how their business works in order to improve their service delivery and thus reduce operational costs by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes. He has help organizations to identify specific problem areas and conceptualize the ideal business process. He has developed strategic plan to deploy new processes resulted in increased productivity and increased profits while generating significant sustainable cost savings.