The Value of Informed Decision-making

Is there a business problem you need to resolve, an opportunity you want to capitalize on? What needs to be accomplished to meet your goals?


If this sounds like you, YKAM will provide you with advisory services in an objective and independent manner. Our consultants have been working for many years in some of the most technically-challenging areas of the world with clients drawn from the wider ICT community, mining industry, financial institutions and government.  Read more…

Providing comprehensive business development services to companies looking to expand in the Sub-Saharan African region. Read more…


2017 YKAM Consulting

YKAM offers consulting services to help Clients accelerate growth, improve productivity and gain a competitive advantage by building foundational and/or industry-specific capabilities.

YKAM consultants provide strategic counsel on business management and business transformation programs and help Clients across many industry sectors, to adopt
and incorporate best practices and customized processes to meet their business challenges and drive business performance.

Our focus is expert-level consulting for companies desiring individuals who act as catalysts for organizational change. We work at both the executive level - enabling strategic business decision making and strategic direction, as well as tactical level sharing skills, and knowledge attained over years' of hands-on experience. Our consultants are worldwide, available when you need us at prices you can afford.

Whether you need short-term help, advisory services that create strategic plans
and deliverables, or longer term project management, YKAM is the right place for you. Our consultants work side-by-side with your teams to assure both a delivery
on promise, as well as a vital mentoring role that transfers our skills to your organization. We help you improve the quality, repeatability, and productivity of
your business process.

Business Management

Business Development