2017 YKAM Consulting

Project Management

Project Management is one of our core services, helping to deliver our consulting services to our clients.

Whatever your challenge, certainty of results is the objective every project owner seeks. At YKAM we develop the best total solution for successful delivery of all the projects we undertake.

Our deep business management expertise enables us to identify areas where your organization can streamline intensive processes, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Client Needs Discovery

When we first engage with a new client, it’s important that we execute an initial needs analysis. This is the first step in any good planning or design process, and it allows us to collaborate with you to clearly identify your business requirements and how YKAM can assist in meeting these needs. This gives us a clear understanding of what is required, and we reflect this in a tangible document which acts as the foundation for the development of a comprehensive project plan.

Flexible Scoping

Our consultants have worked on hundreds of projects around the world. Accurate project scoping is one of our strengths, but so is flexibility. We understand that successful outcomes are often better achieved by allowing the scope to evolve in a controlled manner rather than by rigidly adhering to an initial vision.

Project Management Methodology

All of our Professional Service projects follow a standard methodology to ensure a quality implementation, regardless of size. This includes initial project scoping, statement of work, project plan and project reviews. The project plan includes a clear explanation of each key project phase: definition, development, implementation, deployment and training. The plan also clearly identifies all project milestones and the gated deliverables that will require sign-off by the client.

Upon project completion, we ask you to complete a project scorecard, so you can tell us how we did. It’s our way of holding ourselves accountable to our work, and enables us to continually improve the project management and delivery services we provide.