2017 YKAM Consulting

Corporate Training

Your business performance depends on your people. Whether you have partially or completely transformed your business processes, the chances are that your team now needs training. YKAM works with you to design customized training programmes to provide your team with skills to meet organizational objectives and achieve your business goals.

The training is delivered on-site for your convenience and it is tailored to meet your needs. We help energize organizational learning, change behaviours, and drive results. The return on investment for our programs is immediately clear.


YKAM Consultants combination of passion and experience helps your team meet the challenge of organizational change and improvement; develop and enhance their management skills and broad business knowledge.

Business Training Programs:

Some training and consulting firms offer a cafeteria approach, offering courses in everything from fostering innovation to refining one’s sales skills. At YKAM, we focus on helping our clients within six key knowledge areas that determine an organization’s success:




Because we know that the six key knowledge areas often overlap, we are able to offer customized training programs to meet our client’s specific needs.

1. Strategic Management

4. Change Management

2. Project Management

5. Performance Management

3. Process Management

6. Issues Management